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more Hou Yen Shan Hot-Spring Recreation Area is located on the west foothills of Mt. Huoyan (one of the eight wonders of Taiwan) in Miaoli County. It has the best natural landscapes and beautiful scenery. Set by mountains in the background and facing the water, Mt. Tiezhan and the beautiful sunset of the Taiwan Strait can be seen from here. Covering an area of 436,455 square meters, the recreational area also has a broad forest trail and BBQ area. The rich, diverse recreational area features natural ecology, culture and art.

The onsite museum houses antiques and arts from the past dynasties in Chinese history. The rich and diverse facility will soon collaborate with the Shaolin Temple to expand the hot spring area in order to build a quality and popular recreational destination.

Hou Yen Shan Hot-Spring Recreation Area has natural hot springs, spa and water therapy. The surrounding natural scenery includes waterfalls, where one can star gaze and listen to cicadas. You can put aside your demanding work schedule and pressure, and experience the relaxing hot spring without having to leave Taiwan. Soaking in the natural hot springs relieves stress and muscle pain, as you are surrounded by lush green mountain and water views. A trip to Hou Yen Shan Hot-Spring Recreation Area will surely be a sheer relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

Hot Spring and Cold Spring

Taiwan’s First Hot Spring and Cold Spring Water Play Area

Soaking your feet in the hot spring has health benefits, as the heat from the hot spring warms the meridian points on your feet and activates the meridian points throughout the body. It also helps boost metabolism and blood circulation, thus helping the body reach optimal balance.

The sodium bicarbonate springs at Mt. Huoyan is excellent in quality. You can now experience a new way to enjoy the hot springs at Hou Yen Shan Hot-Spring Recreation Area!
Address No. 1, Huoyan Shan, Shihjhen Village, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County 358, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Telephone 037-740373 037-740376
Opening Hours 08:30-17:00
Accomodations Camping Restaurant

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